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Research support

We deliver rigorous and objective research, leveraging expertise in a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and statistical techniques.

Rigorous & reliable research to increase your insights
Elephant Path – Research & Consulting provides high-quality, objective research services. We help organizations, policymakers, businesses, and individuals answer questions that require research and analysis. We study each question carefully and devise a research and analysis plan that delivers the insights you seek. We draw on more than a decade of experience with designing and implementing multidisciplinary and multi-method research projects. We have expertise in a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and advanced statistical techniques.

literature review

A high-quality research project is never conducted in isolation; it always builds on and contributes to the existing body of knowledge. We offer the expertise to review relevant existing information for your project or address specific questions through literature research.

survey development

We develop a data collection framework for your study. We select or design reliable measurement instruments and help you set up and send out your (online) surveys.

quantitative data analysis

We employ the appropriate statistical techniques to analyze your data. We have extensive experience with descriptive and inferential statistics, including difference testing, correlational testing, predictive or explanatory modeling, mediation, moderation, growth modeling, latent class analysis and more.

qualitative analysis

Sometimes it’s not about numbers and statistics, but about capturing experiences, reflections, motives, or perceptions to gain more in-depth insight into specific phenomena. We design and conduct qualitative studies (e.g., interviews, focus groups) and analyze the resulting data.

mixed-method studies

Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are increasingly combined to enhance our understanding of complex social issues. Qualitative studies play a pivotal role, identifying topics and phenomena worthy of larger-scale investigation or providing further explanations for findings from quantitative studies. Our expertise allows us to advise on a mixed-method approach for your project, seamlessly connecting and integrating findings for a richer understanding.

Need something else?

No matter what your research questions are, we can help you answer them. Get in touch to discuss your project!

Research Support Card

Do you frequently seek advice for your research project or would you like a sounding board for occasional brainstorming? Our Research Support Cards provide flexible and prompt access to support whenever you need it. Moreover, you can enjoy savings of up to 15% on hourly rates! Explore the benefits and discover your options.