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Research content

Need help disseminating your study findings to your audience? Use our services for professional and powerful research content.

Professional & powerful research communication

Even the most groundbreaking findings risk being misunderstood without proper documentation and communication. As a researcher, effectively conveying your message to funders, reviewers, peers, and the wider public is essential, requiring precision without sacrificing nuance. At Elephant Path – Research & Consulting, we specialize in crafting professional research content customized to your audience. Whether it’s for a scientific article, research report, presentation, or infographic, we transform complex information into clear, compelling products.


We assist in drafting and writing research reports or scientific publications, drawing from our experience in crafting articles for high-impact, peer-reviewed journals, as well as research reports and book chapters.


We understand what it takes to prepare your text for submission or publication. Let us assist you in clearly and effectively communicating your ideas. Our comprehensive editing services include proofreading (grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks), formatting (according to publisher requirements), and more extensive editing (addressing style, clarity, tone, argument, structure, and internal consistency).



We design and build research websites that enable you to showcase your project, inform and recruit your study participants, and share your findings.

Design & Infographics

We design a range of research products, including infographics, visuals, guides, and training materials.


Short on time to prepare your conference presentation? We assist you in effectively communicating your research findings through clear and visually appealing scientific posters or slide decks.

Need something else?

No matter what your research questions are, we can help you answer them. Get in touch to discuss your project!

Research Support Card

Do you frequently seek advice for your research project or would you like a sounding board for occasional brainstorming? Our Research Support Cards provide flexible and prompt access to support whenever you need it. Moreover, you can enjoy savings of up to 15% on hourly rates! Explore the benefits and discover your options.