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research support card

Research Support Card

Some research questions and needs can be easily anticipated. In other cases, you might expect that you need help with your research project, but you can’t exactly foresee when, where or to what extent. Perhaps you get stuck in your analyses, or you have ad hoc questions about the interpretation of your data. Or maybe you need a helping hand when your time is limited.

The Research Support Card is suitable for individuals or organizations that more regularly need advice on their research project(s), would like to brainstorm from time to time, or periodically have research tasks that need to be executed – but that want to be flexible on when and how to use this support.

The Research Support Card, therefore, differs from a tailormade support approach in which we develop a project proposal and planning in close collaboration with the customer and the agreed program will be leading throughout the process. However, the Research Support Card can very well be used in combination with or following a customized support project.

How does it work?

With a Research Support Card, you purchase a number of prepaid hours which you can use whenever you need it. This way, contracts, invoices, and time-consuming administration are kept to a minimum; our support is just a short phone call or email away. We keep track of the time spent on your request and deduct it from your card. After completing your inquiry, we update you with the time deducted and the remaining balance on your card.


5 hours


save 5%

Best for:

You are carrying out a single research project yourself
You need a one-time advice on a particular aspect
You have small questions that do not take much time to answer

10 hours


save 7.5%

Best for:

You are conducting one or more research projects yourself
You need advice on multiple aspects of your project(s)
You would like your analyses, output or interpretations checked
You have questions that require more time to answer

30 hours


save 15%

Best for:

You frequently need research advice or support
You periodically have research tasks that need to be executed
You want to outsource a more extensive task (e.g. literature review)
You need a presentation, practical guide or other content