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research support card
research support card


Research Support Card

Some research questions and needs are easily anticipated, while others may arise unexpectedly. You might find yourself needing assistance with your research project without a clear idea of when, where, or to what extent. Whether you encounter challenges in your analyses, have ad hoc questions about data interpretation, or require support when time is limited, we’ve got you covered.

The Research Support Card is ideal for individuals or organizations that regularly seek advice for their research project(s), prefer to brainstorm from time to time, or have sporadic research tasks that require execution. This card provides flexibility in terms of when and how you choose to utilize the support.

It’s important to note that the Research Support Card differs from a tailored support approach where we agree with the customer on a project proposal and planning that will guide the entire process. However, the Research Support Card can seamlessly be used in combination with or following a customized support project.

How Does It Work?

With a Research Support Card, you purchase a set of prepaid hours that you can utilize whenever the need arises. This way, the hassle of contracts, invoices, and time-consuming administration is kept to a minimum – our support is just a quick phone call or email away. We keep track of the time spent on your request and deduct it from your card. Upon completing your inquiry, we update you on the time deducted and the remaining balance on your card.


5 hours


save 5%

Best for:

You are carrying out a single research project yourself
You need a one-time advice on a particular aspect
You have small questions that do not take much time to answer

10 hours


save 7.5%

Best for:

You are conducting one or more research projects yourself
You need advice on multiple aspects of your project(s)
You would like your analyses, output, or interpretations checked
You have questions that require more time to answer

30 hours


save 15%

Best for:

You frequently need research advice or support
You periodically have research tasks that need to be executed
You want to outsource a more extensive task (e.g. literature review)
You need a presentation, written documentation, or other content


Research Support Cards are valid for two years from the date of purchase

Cards are prepaid (payment term: 14 days). The purchase of the card is completed when payment for the full amount of the order has been received

For companies, prices listed are excluding 21% VAT (when applicable)

Activities are scheduled in mutual consultation. We strive to plan requests taking up to two hours within one week and requests taking up to eight hours within two weeks. Planning of more substantive inquiries is dependent on the availability of the consultant

Time is deducted in units of 15 minutes

If requests are estimated to take longer than 90 minutes, Elephant Path - Research & Consulting will inform the cardholder before it commences the work

Services are delivered over phone or e-mail unless otherwise agreed

All activities and time spent on them are registered, including telephone consultations

A digital overview of work performed and time spent may be requested at all times

Research Support Cards cannot be used for services that are part of a previously agreed customized support project

You will be notified when the balance on your card is nearly finished

Restitution of unused hours is not possible