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Selected Projects


Quantitative research

We partnered with ResultsinHealth for carrying out the final evaluation of Born on Time, a five-year public-private partnership dedicated to the prevention of preterm birth across communities and health facilities in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Mali.


Research visuals

A scholar at Erasmus University wanted her grant proposal to stand out. Roadmaps and infographics are excellent for organizing complex information, adding depth, and making a strong case. *Original text has been replaced.


Mixed-methods research

As part of the Regionale Kenniswerkplaats Jeugd en Gezin Centraal, we conducted mixed-method, participatory action research on academic stress, performance pressure, and school dropout. *With Utrecht University and Trimbos-instituut.


Research visuals

For researchers at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen preparing a grant proposal, we designed a Lexis Diagram that explains how their research will enable them to disentangle time, age, and cohort effects. *Original text has been replaced.


Quantitative research

Together with ResultsinHealth, we conducted the final evaluation of the Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children (SHOW) project, a multi-country, gender-transformative project by Plan International Canada and partners.


Research website

We developed the branding style and website for the UvA and HvA led Amsterdamse Familieschool study. The website informs parents and schools about study procedures, request consent, and share findings with the public.


Quantitative research

We performed statistical analysis on survey data and wrote research reports for several projects within Aidsfonds' international Sex Work Programme, including Bridging the Gaps (Kenya, Ethiopia) and Hands Off (Zambia).


Research visuals

Many scholars working on grant proposals face the challenge of explaining their complex research designs to reviewers. Visuals, like this one developed for Erasmus University, can be used to summarise the methodology. *Original text has been replaced.


Research website

After being awarded an ERC Starting Grant worth €1.5 million for her research on lying in families, Dr. Rianne Kok needed a personal website to properly present all her research work. We also developed the visuals for her ERC proposal.


Research visuals

In collaboration with Tinzi Fonteyne, we designed a set of visuals to support a major grant proposal of a scholar at Utrecht University researching the social context of risk behavior. *Original text has been replaced.


Grant proposal support

Scholars across a range of domains working on grant proposals have used a Research Support Card to let us translate their complex designs into clear, explanatory visuals and impactful (PowerPoint) presentations.


Research advice

As a volunteer for Bring the Elephant Home, we advise on various research activities such as developing community questionnaires, Theory of Change design, data analyses, and grant and manuscript writing.


Research website

For researchers of the University of Amsterdam, we developed a website to present the Project INFLUENCE study. This website is used to recruit schools, inform parents about study procedures, and share the latest findings.


Research website

We developed a website for the NWO funded LSSL Project at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The website aims to inform and recruit study participants, share progress and findings of the project, and showcase media appearances.


Statistics training

For a social impact consultancy firm, we developed a 3-hour beginners course on statistics, which covered basic statistical concepts, explained steps of performing quantitative analysis, and introduced a range of statistical analyses.


Research advice

We supported an assistant professor in designing the research methodology, study protocols, and statistical analyses for a research study investigating the effects of social media use on cognitive functioning among university students.


Quantitative research

As a partner of ResultsinHealth, we provide technical support on quantitative research and evaluation methods, including the development of measurement tools, data collection procedures, data analysis, and report writing.


Literature review

For Kataka Medical Communication, we conducted an extensive literature review to identify key insights related to communication and decision-making processes in Parkinson's disease patients and their caregivers.


Publications Per Theme

Mental health and behavioural addictions

Mental health and wellbeing

Romantic and sexual development

Romantic and sexual development

Music and youth culture

Music and youth culture

Adolescents, parents and peers

adolescents, parents and peers

Substance use and risk behavior

substance use and risk behavior